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From a Pharmacist to an Entrepreneur

Pheh Sze – or more commonly known as PS is a food lover at heart. She is a pharmacist by profession, food blogger by night, and now an entrepreneur who loves connecting people over food. Her father is a food enthusiast (he drives the whole family miles away just to try a new restaurant) and her mother is a food connoisseur.

PS was born in Malaysia – a country that takes pride in all things food. She graduated from the UK, and found her calling in the ultimate food capital of Australia – the amazing city of Melbourne.

Her mission is to connect food lovers – transcending the barriers of culture, race, language, and borders. Join her as we connect food lovers from all over the globe – one city at a time!

About Us - Connecting People


How do you celebrate your birthday? How do you catch up with friends on a weekend? How do you truly understand the essence of a culture? The answer is: FOOD.  

Food is a medium of celebration, connection and culture.

With FoodSocial, our mission is to make new friends across dinner tables, cook together, connect across cultures, and learn from top chefs to explore a remarkable food experience.

With FoodSocial, it is our mission to connect all the food lovers in the world…city by city. We invite you to be a part of this social community of food lovers.I

About Us - Unique experiences WITH ME


Dining. Cook Off. Tasting

At FoodSocial’s core philosophy, we only create events we want to go ourselves. In collaboration with top restaurants and chefs, we create exclusive private events just for you. Learn a new culture from the Global Feast as you discover one country at a time from A-Z. Cook and connect and learn from top chefs in a social cook off. Discover new food and drinks each season with social tasting event.Each event is a whole new experience but we keep some things consistent; fun, social and interactive.You’ll get to meet and interact with chefs, learn new culture and cuisine and cook and connect.


Passionate about food? Or new in town? Or are you a passionate chef or cook who loves to share your recipes?

Join our free foodie membership and upgrade to a Connoisseur Member to be the first to have early access to discounted events, get access to exclusive secret foodies events, membership perks at our partnership businesses, and be part of our community of top chefs, food bloggers, and foodies who bring in the best of cultures!

About Us - collaborations


In collaboration with Melbourne’s top restaurants and chefs, we bring you remarkable and top notch food experiences – from dining, cooking to tasting – you will have it all!

We only partner with companies and people who we believe in and share our values of connecting people through the love of food.

Our philosophy is simple: If we like them, you will too!



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"The collaboration between Denmark House and Food Social was a great experience, they have a fun and interactive concept that all the guests really seemed to enjoy and it was great coming up with ideas that were out of the box to ensure all the guests had a unique experience. It was also great exposure to a new group of customer that had never previously experienced Denmark House, we are sure that we will see many of them back again."Owen Gibbons , Manager of Denmark House

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with PS putting together the Japanese Global Feast at Kumo Izakaya. It is impossible not to be inspired by the passion PS has for food and playing the part of the perfect host. "Andre Bishop, owner of Kumo Izakaya and Sake Master

"Hosting the Global Feast was an opportunity to share Cambodian food and heritage with people who have an interest to broaden their minds and life experiences.It was a pleasure working with Food Social as it gave me a fun element that enabled creativity and passion for food to be showcased to food lovers."Chan Uoy, owner of Bopha Devi


"Very enjoyable. Nice way to meet people."Margaret on FoodSocial Brazilian Feast

"Fantastic idea combining a cooking class and a social event."Ida on FoodSocial Pizza Cook Off

""Thanks for a great night! Had heaps of fun."Alyssa on FoodSocial Danish Feast