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New in town? A chef or cook who love to share your passion for food? Or simply enjoy food? Hear the stories of how our members connect and share their passion for food here.

PhehSze (PS), Founder of FoodSocial
I am a self-proclaimed food lover who is a pharmacist by profession but my passion lies in food and connecting people.Grew up in Malaysia, studied in Europe and living in Melbourne, I somehow connect with food lovers everywhere I go. Love of food is an universal language. Therefore, it’s my mission to connect food lovers around the world and share the experience.PhehSze (PS), Founder of FoodSocial

Kam McManamey, Head Chef of Rock Sugar
I’ve been a chef all my life and loving it! It makes me happy when I see people enjoy my food. I’ll be sharing my recipes with you here. You can also ask me any questions on “Ask A Chef” forum too!Kam McManamey, Head Chef of Rock Sugar

Sharon Halim, author of Lips Temptations food blog
I have travelled to 40 countries and one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world as well as to eat everywhere in the world. I’ll be sharing my restaurant finds with you here!Sharon Halim, author of Lips Temptations food blog


Rémy Louis-Joseph, a passionate cook
I’m originally from France and migrated to Melbourne.It’s not a cliche that the French loves their food.I enjoy cooking and sharing the passion with my friends.I’ll be sharing my recipes with you here!Rémy Louis-Joseph, a passionate cook

Rena Masaki,a Melbournian foodie
I love exploring what Melbourne culinary scene has to offer.FoodSocial events are great way to explore new food experiences and I’ve made many new friends along the way.Rena Masaki,a Melbournian foodie